Miami’s First Michelin Star?

Alejandro Suero September 25, 2020

Miami is a city famous for its art, music, and international demographic. However, the gastronomic scene of the city has long been characterized by food trucks, pop ups, and more traditional worldly cuisine.
Leku, at the Rubell Family Museum presented by Le Basque Catering, seeks to change this perception through the Avante Garde style of cooking offered by their Executive Chef, Mike Veloz, and their Executive Consulting Chef, Mikel Goikolea.
With both of the chefs coming from Michelin Star Pedigrees in the Gastronomic hotspot of the Spanish Basque Country, Leku makes a perfect candidate to create an entry point for the Michelin Guide in the city.
Although the restaurant’s official opening was delayed due to the Coronavirus Epidemic, they began soft openings in July, offering a limited Menu, and will be open at full capacity when it is safe to do so.
You can visit their website or visit their Instagram at @lekumiami.

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