A Miami Legend Seeks to Change the City’s Culture of Gentrification

Alejandro Suero September 25, 2020

For many, Udonis Haslem’s resume speaks for itself. An 18 year Veteran of the Miami Heat, and 3x NBA Champion, the West Little River native is nothing short of a hometown hero. However, his influence spans far beyond the court.
Miami’s housing market has seen a lot of change over the past 15 years. After the 2008 burst of the housing bubble, many former low-income neighborhoods, such as Wynwood, have experienced a wave of gentrification that has seen a lot of generational residents being priced out of the city.
Having grown up in the city, starring at Miami High School, and later at the University of Florida, Udonis Haslem, or “UD”, has seen the city’s transformation first hand, and is playing his part to make sure the more vulnerable residents of Miami aren’t taken advantage of.
Along with Magellan Housing, Haslem’s real estate company, Haslem Housing Ventures LLC, have set out to develop 134 apartments for low-income families in North Miami through their “Atala” development. Apart from this venture, UD has also been involved in franchising Subway and Starbucks locations, making it his duty to provide underprivileged Miami Residents with opportunities for gainful income.

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